The Inaugural Blessing of Squaw Creek, Ames, Iowa – January 7, 2018

The faithful of Holy Transfiguration gathered at Stuart Smith Park in Ames to bless Squaw Creek for the feast of the Theophany of Christ.  Orthodox Christians celebrate the Baptism of Jesus by blessing water, as Jesus blessed the Jordan River in his Baptism by St. John the Baptist.

Squaw Creek runs through the middle of Ames, and joins the Skunk River on the Southeast part of Ames.  It was nearly completely frozen over, however a small 3-foot wide area was running and unfrozen.  Three ice crosses were tossed into the Creek.  In other places, swimmers dive for the Cross.  Given the 10 degree F temps and the -20 degree F wind chill, that option was not made available.  Given the small target area, a cross with a string tied to it was also not deemed appropriate, as hitting the target was challenging.

So Ice Crosses it was! 

Many thanks to John Coatney for the photography.