Prayer book for new Orthodox Christians

Beginning a Rule of Prayer

Many times I am asked about the initial prayer rule, and which prayer book to get.  I will admit that none of the prayer books I currently am aware of provide what I believe to be an appropriate starting point for people beginning to implement a rule of prayer.  To that end, I’ve compiled (from public domain sources) the following prayer book, with color coding indicating where to begin and when and how to advance.

The most important aspect of the initial rule of prayer is that it be able to be performed consistently.  Initially, it may be helpful to begin with simply reciting the Lord’s prayer, every morning and evening.  Once you are baptized and/or chrismated, this prayer book may be the next step.

With love in Christ,

Fr. Marty Watt
Priest in charge
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission
Orthodox Church in America – Bulgarian Diocese of Toledo
Ames, Iowa

Download or view:  Orthodox Daily Prayers for new Orthodox

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