Limited in-person attendance NOW PERMITTED – Weekly Bulletin, June 7, 2020 (Holy Pentecost)

Beginning this week, all are invited to attend our services in person.  There are several restrictions, so please take note of them:

If you are showing any signs of illness – fever, cough, or other active illness symptoms – please remain at home and do not risk infecting others.

Those in high-risk groups for respiratory issues are encouraged to remain home.  Live streams will continue.

We have set aside 14 “boxes” of seating, spaced six feet apart.  Once these are full, no others will be permitted to enter.  No more than one household may be seated in the same box.

Doors will be closed and locked approximately 15 minutes after the beginning of the service (approximately 10:15 AM on Sunday, 6:45 PM on Saturday).

Everyone must have and must wear a face covering. Choir members, upon reaching their place, may remove their face covering, but will need to don the coverings when the service is concluded. Those without a face covering cannot be allowed to stay in the building.  The choir members may remove their masks at their music stands, but should wear them otherwise.

When approaching for communion, please wait until the people seated in front of you have received and returned to their place before approaching the chalice. The choir will go first, then the faithful.  When you reach the center icon, please lower or remove your mask to receive, then replace it after consuming the antidoron and zapifka.

We will be using disposable paper towels instead of communion cloths.  One per household receiving communion.  We will also use two spoons, alternating between the households receiving communion, and placing them in a pure grain alcohol solution when not being used.

Children must remain with their parents at all times, and may not roam the nave or narthex without a parent present with them at all times.

Please be aware that service books have been removed from the nave, and paper bulletins and variable hymns will not be provided.  In addition, the library and literature racks have been removed.

Here is the music for this weekend, including the Kneeling prayers of Pentecost which will follow the Divine Liturgy immediately:  2020 06 07 Music